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OutlawEthics is the parent company for PAX Restaurant.  At PAX we believe  

everyone deserves a place to sit with family and be fed. Those of us who take this for granted are the lucky ones. Unfortunately there are many families for whom this is only a concept. The many refugee and working poor families in our community have neither the time, because both parents work more than one job, nor the money to sit together for a daily, weekly or even monthly family dinner. 


Why a Restaurant



One and a quarter million Canadian children live in homes that struggle to put food on the table. Aside from getting enough to eat, endless research shows that, regardless of income, children who routinely sit at the family table do better in school and are more successful in life.


Why we are Outlaws


PAX is a restaurant that will open in Toronto. PAX will promote the “Outlaw” ethic of taking from the rich to give to the poor. People who come to eat at PAX as regular paying customers will subsidize those who are unable to pay.   

PAX will serve between 35 and 45 non paying families per week. That is 22,000 - 28,000 families per year. Twenty eight thousand hungry families fed and given hope through the simple act of sitting at a restaurant table, being waited on like everyone else. The children in these families will never again feel that they are undeserving and that food and respect are things other, more worthy people get.

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